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Private Wells

  • Private Well Plugging Guidelines
  • Well Water Chlorination
  • Well Water Testing
  • Private Water Well Rehabilitation Form
  • Abandon Water Well Plugging Form
  • Application for Construction Permit
  • Certified Well Pluggers
  • Flooded Well Information
  • Coliform Action Response
  • Drinking Water Quality Problems in Iowa
  • Rotten Egg Odor in Drinking Water
  • Hygienic Labs
  • Iowa Groundwater Association
  • Answers To Your Water Quality Questions

  • Plugging an abandon well or cistern is eligible for reimbursement through the Grants to Counties Program. A property owner can receive up to $500.00 back from abandoning a well and up to $300 for a cistern. Well and cisterns need to be plugged by a certified contractor or by the property owner with county supervision. Grants to Counties also offers free water tests for private wells!

    Contact Warren County Environmental Health to schedule your water test or learn about abandoning a well or cistern! We can be reached at 515-961-1074 or