Warren County Health Services
Community Needs Health Assessment

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Health Services Medical Volunteers

Warren County Public Health is recruiting for our Medical Volunteer Pool. We are looking for nurses willing to volunteer their nursing skills in the event of a local crisis or disaster.

The disaster could be a food born outbreak, pandemic flu or the intentional release of a biological weapon. In each of these scenarios, the response would be the same; isolation, quarantine and the implementation of mass prophylaxis clinics.

Each of these scenarios could require a public health response that would far exceed our current capacity. This is why… WE NEED YOU!!

Could you see yourself assisting in a public health role such as phone contacts and surveillance, assessments, triage, dispensing medications or immunizations at a mass clinic, interviewing or helping educate individuals or businesses?

If you volunteer, your name and contact information will be maintained in a volunteer nurse database. You will be contacted every month to update your information and to confirm that you still desire to be on this list. You may terminate your participation at any time.

Orientation and training will be offered two times per year. We will also add you to the CDC disaster update list serve if you would so desire. If the disaster calls for mass distribution of medication or vaccine, you would be among the first treated.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out an application here.

Frequently Asked Questions about medical volunteers